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The Incel Poems.

By spharnx.

Folks, we have gigantic dreams. We are going to start a school, or at least classes.
We are going to train boys. We are going to create men. This is indeed a very ambitious goal.

  1. "My Incel Friends." This poem flowed into my head at church, at a restaurant afterwards, at a meeting at a friend's house,
    and at a doctor's office. We have been too busy to write poetry, but the subject has been brain frontal for a very long time.
    I just want to counsel these guys because I know that I can do it. I know them.

  2. "Incel Two." We will build "Male Agency." We certainly will study male agency to learn more about it.
    We will also respect female agency and support it.
  3. "Whoremaster In Charge." I don't like this poem very much. It was hurried. Perhaps we can update it later.

Earlier Poems For Reference.

  1. "Fantasies." The poet again holds up the poet's introspective microscopic
    mirror and penetrates deep within his own psyche. 2005, 2006, and 2007.
    A continuation of the chronical on the imagination of the male of the human species.

  2. "Charity....seeketh not her own." 2007. A new way to live. The poet's core belief.
    As he borrows Christian scripture from the Bible's book of 1st Corinthians, Chapter 13.

  3. "Juvenilia." The poet "howls," all over the freeway, uncontrollable, with much sorrow and remorse.
    A story on the imagination of the male of the human species from early inception to later life. Includes a prophesy. 2007.

  4. "Intimacy. "...A Dangerous Subject..." 2013.

Help Wanted! Composer Wanted!
To turn these verses into songs, hymns, whatever!
We can write a musical. We can create characters.
We can write a dramatic plot. Let's do it!

Written at Evergreen Valley #118 and front porch.
June 30, 2018
E-mail to: Webmaster@spharnx.com
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