2007 Rebirth.

The poet's newest selection of poetry.

By spharnx.

In his later years the poet endeavors to summarize his thinking.
The poems feature the brevity and simplicity of maturity, much like the purity and logic of infancy.
Perhaps we are returning to the age of the purely logical

Selection Contents:

  1. "A Rebirth." In a new environment, at a new place, the poet is reborn. 2007.

  2. "Poetry." The old sage and environmentalist is still very much alive! 2007.

  3. "Hate Poetry." The old poet is constantly condemning his own output,
    yet really blames his targets. 2007.

  4. "Ghost Resort." A failed resort in conservation ownership. 2007.

  5. "Charity....seeketh not her own." The poet's core belief. 2007.

  6. "Juvenilia." The poet "howls", all over the freeway, uncontrollable,
    with much sorrow and remorse. 2007.

  7. "Fantasies." The poet again holds up the poet's introspective microscopic
    mirror and penetrates deep within his own psyche. 2005, 2006, and 2007.

  8. "God. He Don't Care." Comment on reproduction. 2007.

  9. "Speckled Mountain." An idea for old knees. 2007.

  10. "Bible Slider." For nearly forty-three years! 2007.

    2008. The Rebirth Continues:

  11. "I, Prophet." The 2008 Nobel Peace Prize. 2008.

  12. "Paper Tiger, Smirk and Bear It." RE: The Soviet invasion of Georgia.
    "May we appease them?" 2008.

Menu written at Evergreen Valley. June 26 and 27, 2007.
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