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The Relationship Poems.

By spharnx.

  1. "Walkman, Walkman, To Rebuild One's Life." 1994.
    Merely an early preview of more things to come.

    A quartet of relationship poems currently resides elsewhere on this web site.
    They constitute a brief and sharp outline to a possible novel, almost a potential movie.
    We shall list them here.

  2. "Juvenilia." The poet "howls," all over the freeway, uncontrollable,
    with much sorrow and remorse.
    A story on the imagination of the male of the human species from
    early inception to later life. Includes a prophesy. 2007.

  3. "Prayersations". Prayersations With Jesus. A very introspective poem.
    A chronical of the American soldier with his sexual baggage among foreign nationals.
    Okinawa! Includes the poet's conversion to Christ, but not to Christianity. 2005.

  4. "Fantasies." The poet again holds up the poet's introspective microscopic
    mirror and penetrates deep within his own psyche. 2005, 2006, and 2007.
    A continuation of the chronical on the imagination of the male of the human species.

  5. "My Incel Friends." This poem entered my head at church, at a restaurant afterwards,
    at a meeting at a friend's house, and a doctor's office. We are too busy to write poetry,
    but this subject has really been in my head for a long time. I just want to counsel these guys
    because I know that I can do it. But this is only a three day start.
    There will be many more words. So keep listening.

  6. A future poem about adjacent sexual abuse is now being written
    within the poet's consciousness and unconsciousness.
    The poet only became aware of this corollary story a few years ago and has no details.
    However, the poet considers his life to include collateral damage.


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