The Environmental Prayer.
by Spharnx.

I pray to the God of the Environment.
I pray to the God of Nature.
I pray to the Natural God.
I pray to the Real God, the Only God, the True God!

I pray to His Truth, to the Only Truth.
And I strive to understand His Truth.
Help me in this Striving.
Help me to be in Harmony with Nature.
Help me to be one with Nature.

Help me to Know Him.
Help me to Know Life.
Help me to Worship Life, All Life.
And help me to Help All Life.

For Life is Good.
For it is a Luxury.
And it is so short, so fleeting, so transitory.
Help me to find His Meaning.
For who ever gives me this richness has given me Love!

Help me to Protect Love.
Help me to Give Love.
Help me to Know Love.

For Love is the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, and the Earth.
And Love is the Trees, the Air, the Water, the Sea, and the Mountains.
Love is the Coast, the Sea Shore, the Waves, the Breeze, and the Smell.
Love is the Gale and the Hurricane.
Love is the Rain and the Snow,
the Blizzard and the Frost.

Love is the Music and
Love is the Birds and the Butterflies
And the Flowers and the Trees.

Help us to Teach Love,
So that All Will Know Love.
And help us to Teach the Abusers of Love.
Help us to Help they that do not Know Love.
And Give us strength in such endeavors.

Written March 7, 1994, Oldsmar, Florida
Read at UU Church of Clearwater, FL., during church service, August 3, 1997.

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Reformatted December 4, 2011.