The Sandhill Crane Poems.

By Spharnx

  • "I Walk With the Cranes." On March 26, 1994, a family of four Florida Sandhill Cranes were removed from an urban marsh in Palm Harbor, Florida by the state Game and Freshwater Fish Commission.
  • "Death of the Sandhill Crane." In January, 1995, I was informed that the male crane had died in captivity.
  • "Nesting in the Marsh." In February, 1995, a new pair of Sandhill Cranes built a nest in the marsh.
  • Additional Sandhill Crane Reports and Links.

    "Empty minds emptied the nest of expectant sandhill cranes." The eggs laid by the sandhill cranes
    were removed from the nest. Mr. Sanders' guest column in the St. Petersburg Times was excellent.

    "Saving environment will save souls." An interesting guest column about
    the sandhill cranes in the St. Petersburg Times.

    "Florida Whooping Cranes." A report in the Sierra Sun about the Whoopers and
    the taking of eggs from the nest on the marsh.

    Some day I shall transcribe my vhs video of the March 3, 1995, event to a binary copy
    and upload it to this site. The trumpeting of the crane is phenomenal.
    I also have to scan one of Mr. Elder's photos of one of the 2004 sandhill crane chicks.
    How well I remember the arrival of the state biologist pickup truck
    with the two large wooden cages and the two small ones that were on it.
    I had the honor of reading the final paragraph of "Marshland Elegy" after the
    four cranes were removed from the wild. Tears did stream down my cheeks.
    And how tragic has been the loss of the young whooping cranes this year?

    International Crane Foundation  Where I once adopted a crane.

    Exhibitions: The Sandhill Crane poem collages (Picture*) were exhibited at The Octagon Art Gallery,
    Unitarian Universalists of Clearwater, Florida, Summer, 1997.

    The Sandhill Crane poem collages are now on exhibit at
    Enviracy - Environmental Advocacy and Outreach in Yarmouth, Maine.

    * Picture by J. D. Bishop

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