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The Political Poems.

By spharnx.


Do I want healing and peace?
Or do I want War?
Am I disturbed?

Poetry from the Clinton Years: 1993 - 2000:

1994. First Year. Trying to Become a Poet.

Note: Site Under Construction! Two poems are still missing.
  1. "After Apartheid. South Africa, Whenever" Inspired by the end of Apartheid. 1994.

  2. "The Eclipse" On overpopulation. 1994.

  3. "The Environment, Fellar" Not "The Economy, Stupid." 1994.

  4. "Cock and Load" A portrait of the Religious Right. 1996.

  5. "Incivility" On the lack of community. 1997.

  6. "Feeding Frenzy" Impeachment, 1998: House Judiciary Committee Republicans. 1998.

  7. "Hammer and Nails" Dedicated to Representative Thomas DeLay. 1998.

  8. "This Moral Moment" On Healing the Hatred! 1999.

    Poetry from the Bush Years: 2001 - 2005:
    The Poet Slowly Comes Back To Life.

  9. "Read My Smirk!" Smirk and Bear It! 2001.

  10. Prophesy! "No Hope." On Preemptive War. Here is where Spharnx predicts the Bush
    economic depression of 2008: "That economic genius, Destroyer of world economy." 2002.

    2004! An Election Year.
    The Poet Commences to Get Excited and Partisan.

  11. A Planet Divided! A Divided Planet! 2004.

  12. A Lonely Poet. With Burned Out Brain. 2004.

  13. A New Leader. An inspiring candidate. 2004.

  14. The Republican Manifesto. Vivid truth. 2004.

  15. Dominance. Let's Dominate! 2004.

  16. Healing Our Divisions. A New Way. 2004.

    2005! After the Election Year.
    The Poet Remains Very Angry, Excited and Partisan.

  17. Lost. The poet is lost. 2005.

  18. Prayersations. Prayersations With Jesus. A very introspective poem. 2005.

  19. Culture of Life? Really? Life? No! It's A Culture of Death! 2005.

  20. Let Us Heal Our Wounds . We must heal our wounds!
    Dual flavors: 1. Written before the election! 2. Expanded after the election! 2004 and 2005.

  21. My Religion. Again, Once More: Love, Not Hate! 2005.

Additional Environmental Writing

  1. "The Environmental Prayer," 1994.

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