Sandhill Crane.

The Sandhill Crane Poems.

Environmental and Political Poetry.

By spharnx.

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Announcement: We will soon reorganize this web page.
This will be a continuing process. We have found the earlier political poems to be too militant.
These poems from earlier years will be moved to a new menu area entitled
"Attack Mode Poetry (from a younger poet.)."

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A Menu of the Religious Poetry. A new menu of poems selected because of their religious content.
This tendency revealed in the most recent poems has required this menu for a few years.
Now it is provided. December, 2011.

The Sandhill Crane Poems.

About the political poems.

The political poems span a number of years, namely two long presidencies. Therefore,
their relevance diminishes rapidly over time. They do not remain current very long.
Some of the political poems are very strong and outspoken. They may be considered
to be no more than name calling and/or other posturing.

However, there are some gems within the poems. There are peace poems and healing poems mixed in.
The poet is constantly searching for a synthesis of the issues that effect America and the world.
He is always looking for a new insight or a new interpretation.

The Political Poems.

The Poet's 2007 Rebirth. The poet's newest selection of poetry.

The Relationship Poetry Menu.

New! The Incel Poems Menu. Folks, we have gigantic dreams.
We are going to start a school, or at least classes.
We are going to train boys. We are going to create men.
This is indeed a very ambitious goal.

The Declining Years Menu.

The New Poems Menu. Really rejects from the past two decades. Enjoy.

Attack Mode Poetry Menu From a younger poet in earlier years.

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